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The Gene Expression Metasignatures (GEMS)

The Gene Expression Metasignatures (GEMS) analysis tool was developed to allow researchers to determine a weighted consensus across multiple datasets for the regulation of a gene by acute (0-4 h) or chronic (24 h) treatment with 17beta-estradiol in MCF-7 cells. GEMS was retired in November 2012. In its place we have developed a broader, large-scale differential gene expression tool for the nuclear receptor signaling research community, Transcriptomine. Transcriptomine collates ‘omics-scale differential gene expression studies across the nuclear receptor and coregulator signaling field into a single analysis tool, allowing researchers to detect patterns across multiple datasets. A large number of 17beta-estradiol MCF-7 datasets have been uploaded to the database, including all those originally in GEMS. These can currently be viewed as individual fold changes.