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Molecule Type
GO Terms
CoregulatorAESAmino terminal enhancer of split AES is a member of the conserved Groucho/TLE family of transcriptional corepressors initially described as a nuclear receptor coregulator for the androgen receptor (AR).
CoregulatorAKAP13Breast cancer nuclear receptor-binding auxiliary protein Members of the Dbl family of oncoproteins are involved in the regulation of cell growth and other cellular functions. Brx is a Dbl family member that was isolated in a screen for interacting...
CoregulatorANKRD11Ankyrin repeats containing cofactors Ankyrin repeats containing cofactors (ANCOs) interact with the p160 coactivators. ANCO-1 was identified from a yeast two-hybrid screen as a RAC3-interacting protein. ANCOs inhibit ligand...
CoregulatorANP32APhosphoprotein 32 Kda pp32 was found associated with ERα in MCF7 cells and and to enhance ER-ERE complex formation but to decrease ER-mediated transcription, possibly through pp32 ability to decrease acetylation of ER...
CoregulatorAPEX1Apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease 1 Apurinic/apyrimidinic sites are pre-mutagenic lesions that occur frequently in DNA molecules by spontaneous hydrolysis, by DNA damaging agents or by DNA glycosylases that remove specific...
CoregulatorAPPBP2Androgen receptor associated 67 kDa ARA67 is a microtubule-binding protein that has been shown to repress androgen receptor activity, possibly by influencing its subcellular localization.
CoregulatorAPPL1Adaptor protein containing pH domain, PTB domain and leucine zipper motif APPL was initially identified as an Akt-interacting protein expressed in multiple human tissues and has been shown to act as a corepressor for the androgen receptor (AR).
CoregulatorARA54Androgen receptor associated protein 54 ARA54 is a RING finger protein first identified as an AF-2-specific coactivator of the androgen receptor (AR).
CoregulatorARID1ABRG-associated factor 250a BAF250, a subunit found in the human BAF (hSWI/SNF-A) complex, but not in the PBAF (hSWI/SNF-B) complex, stimulates glucocorticoid receptor (GR)-mediated transcription.
CoregulatorARID1BBRG1-binding protein ELD/OSA1 BAF250, a signature subunit of the human BAFs (hSWI/SNF-A) complex, but not found in the PBAF (hSWI/SNF-B) complex, stimulates glucocorticoid receptor (GR)-mediated transcription. BAFs stands...
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